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Exotic Milk Bath

Ingredients: 1 cup whole goat milk (can be replaced with vegan milk of choice), 1/2 cup coconut milk, 1 tbs. honey, 1 tbs. vanilla extract, 6 drops ylang-ylang essential oil, 6 drops sandalwood oil, 3 drops myrrh essential oil, 4 drops jasmine essential oil, 2 tbs. sodium bicarbonate or himalayan salt and for a floral smell: 1 cup whole goat milk (or other milk of choice), 1/2 cup coconut milk, 1 tbs. honey, 6 drops ylang-ylang essential oil, 4 drops jasmine essential oil, 3 drops geranium essential oil or rose essential oil, 2 tbs. sodium bicarbonate or himalayan salt. Optional: sprinkle with rose petals for an extra spa touch!

Hair will also benefit greatly from this milk bath! For best of health and best skin-care results, use the best ingredients, organic and the milk should be whole fat.

Preparation: heat the milks (to become warm, not to boil!), dissolve salt/bicarbonate, honey and vanilla extract. Add essential oils and add the mix to the bath tube. Enjoy! :)

Milk is used in many cultures because of its exfoliating, rejuvenating, emollient, hydrating and luxurious velvety feeling. Milk is one of the best natural products for skin care. Milk is a natural cleanser, rich in vitamins and in alpha-hydroxy acid, enzymes, minerals, proteins, as well as emollient, nourishing fats. The exfoliating effect is beneficial for wrinkle prevention, scaling, keratoses, acne. Milk is very soothing and regenerative for sunburns. Calcium from milk gets absorbed into skin with great benefits.

Any kind of milk can be used for this recipe, however goat milk is traditionally used. Coconut milk has great skin-care and hair care benefits, is rich and moisturizing and has a pleasant smell. People concerned about animal protection and who do not want to use animal milk for any other reason, can use raw soy or almond mixed with coconut like described or soy infant formula powder instead.

Honey is highly moisturizing, antibacterial, nourishing (rich in nutriments, vitamins) and helps with wound healing, scar improvement. Honey was used for centuries for its cosmetic benefits.

Essential oils, each one of them has specific cosmetic uses and is very fragrant making this bath a rich exotic experience.

I personally prefer the floral version of this recipe and I especially love the sensual geranium smell. Jasmine and ylang-ylang are wonderful and sexy! just for relaxation I would use instead: lavender (3 drops), chamomile (4 drops) and neroli (6 drops) essential oils!

You can buy online the ingredients for this recipe (organic, high quality, at a great price) from Mountain Rose Herbs (just click on the colored link to be redirected to their website).

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