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Dark circles under eyes remedies

blue eyes dark circles

Dark circles under eyes can makes us feel old, unhealthy, tired or "vampire" sexy. However they aren't usually a sign of disease. Exhaustion, stress, hypoxia, anemia, normal aging could cause them though. For various medical causes of dark circles please read more here. Sometimes there is no known cause, certain people just have them. Dark circles can run in the families, they could be hereditary and can occur in all races. Dark circles under eyes affect both men and women, often starting in adulthood, although children can develop dark circles under eyes, too. For many, dark circles are a cosmetic problem. People use make-up concealers and even go for cosmetic surgery procedures to cover, respectively improve them.

We highly recommend you trying to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, high fiber foods, drink plenty of water and get enough sleep. Detoxing (including enemas) could help as well. Of course avoiding alcohol consumption, highly processed foods, sodas and smoking are crucial. Raw varied foods, fresh juices and mineral water are the best. Drink in the morning mineral water with fresh lemon in it.

Meditation, relaxation techniques will help with getting rid of some of the possible causes of dark circles. Applying hands on top of the eyes and keeping them there for at least 10 min., imagining a light warm energy flowing through is a healing Reiki technique which works on tired eyes and sinus problems and thus may work on reducing dark circles as well. Perform this daily. A nice herbal massage and soothing music will help the body and mind relax properly. A warm bath with essential oils, followed by a serious body scrub and a colder shower will energize and uplift you. A steam treatment with teas and eucalyptus oil will open up your sinuses and hydrate facial skin.

Holistic beauty remedies are various. Applying for 20-30 min. cold green tea bags, fresh cucumber or potato slices on eyes, are classic remedies.

A massage with a paste made from 1/2 avocado with coffee and fresh ginseng root (1 inch of root), a few immortelle flowers will refresh the eye area and nourish it. Use as much coffee as you need to make a smooth, but consistent paste.

Another under eye treatment you can try is a mask made from fresh aloe gel with cucumbers and some parsley.

Masks with fruits rich in vitamin C, A and E will improve dark circles and also reduce wrinkles.

To conceal dark circles in a natural way, use a little bit of green clay mixed with white clay and a brownish yellowish clay. It is just a way to make your own mineral makeup. Green clay is good for redness, as the green color is complementary to the red so it will hide any red spots. White clay will brighten skin and hide the dark tones. Customize this based on your skin tone.

To get various skin tones you can also use natural minerals like various oxides, like Titanium, Zinc or Iron oxides, which are all safe for the skin. Mica is used to brighten skin., to give shine, sparkle.  Iron oxides can be brown, red, yellow, orange in color. These minerals will not only make whatever shade of concealer you like but also can make a great foundation. You can make it a liquid foundation or concealer by adding 1/2 tbs of your mineral mix to 2 tbs. raw coconut oil add calming essential oils like lavender, chamomile.

We recommend these organic products to conceal and treat under eye circles (to purchase click on the links): Revitalizing Eye cream (Dr. Haushka), Dark Circles Defense (Tarte), Pure Maracuja Oil (Tarte), Ginzing Refreshing Eye cream (Origins), Smooth Operator foundation (Tarte)


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