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Natural Hair Shampoo Yucca

Today I tried Yucca root as shampoo! I brought a medium size, fresh yucca root (from Whole Foods), but the dry or powdered plant can be used as well. I used half of this root for my entire hair. My hair is quite long (40 cm -16 inches- length). Upon using it, the hair feels awesome, has lots of volume, shine and it is silky-soft to the touch! This is how my hair looks like after using yucca root as shampoo:

Preparation: I peeled the yucca root, chopped it into cubes, then I added one cup of spring water and I grind it in a blender until it looked like horseradish dip (a little bit chunky but also creamy). I mixed it well with a wooden spoon to extract better the saponins and then I put it in a muslin bag (or you can use any kind of cloth material, like cheese cloth) and I squeezed out all the water with saponins, I repeated this action a few times adding more water. Under the shower I rinsed the hair and then I added the yucca liquid and massaged it into the hair (all of it), it wasn't foamy and smelled nutty, anyway a specific smell, upon washing however the smell was gone! After massaging for a few more minutes, I rinsed the hair well with clean water and then with 250 ml water with 3 tbs lemon juice in it, and then again with clear water, until hair felt smooth.

Health and skin care benefits of Yucca root: as an edible root (attention! needs to be cooked thoroughly, cannot be consumed raw as it is toxic in raw state!), was found to benefit rheumatism, arthritis, headaches, cardiovascular health, liver health and to contain anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant nutriments (like resveratrol, also found in red wine! other various polyphenolic compounds -stilbenes, yuccaols-) and even was shown to lower bad cholesterol LDL and to have anti-platelet activity (anti-coagulant). Yucca has a high content of saponins (and those are the ones that makes it a great shampoo and soap!). When used in skin care has been shown to have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial qualities, benefiting dandruff and acne. being rich in powerful anti-oxidants it is also great for skin and hair care! as combating effect of free radicals (pollution) and aging. It treats various skin conditions, aids in wound healing and even has anti-cancer effects.

I was very pleased with this natural shampoo and it is a great thing to know that we can use it in survival conditions as hygienic means! and also as food! as the yucca plant even though native to Mexico, can now be found everywhere in the wild!


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